2013 IT Strategic Plan Symposium recording

If you were unable to attend the 2013 IT Strategic Plan Symposium, CITES recorded the event. The starting times in the video for each presentation are listed below. In addition, the video has been captioned.



00:10 – Symposium Introduction (Joe Yun)
00:25 – Introduction to the IT Strategic Plan (Paul Hixson)

08:15 – Panel Discussion / Lightning Round presentations
09:00 – Campus research network: CARNE (Tracy Smith)
15:00 – Improved access for community partners & Identity Access Management (Greg Gulick)
21:20 – Student data analytics & the cutting edge of IT in teaching and learning (Kevin Hamilton)
26:55 – Higher performance computing / Cluster support (Chuck Thompson)
32:25 – Data center consolidation and shared services (Jackie Kern, Bill Goodman)

39:35 – Campus IT Investment Needs (Paul Hixson)
1:12:00 – Research Data Management Services (Beth Sandore)
1:33:30 – Illinois Cloud & Networked data storage (Charley Kline)

1:54:50 – Endpoint management (Greg Gulick, Gabe Gibson)
2:06:15 – Classroom renovation (Glenda Morgan, Michel Bellini, Jill Maxey)
2:26:49 – Impact of flexible learning spaces on learning (Christopher Brooks, J.D. Walker)