Summary of Goals

Based on the discussions with the various stakeholder groups, five goals were developed for the IT strategic plan. The goals consider multiple aspects of IT, including core administrative support services, research technology, teaching and learning tools and engagement functionality. In addition, several constituencies are targeted as part of the plan including faculty, researchers, outside collaborators, students and alumni.

  1. Use IT to build a competitive advantage for faculty, students, and graduates
  2. Enhance the student learning environment to improve outcomes
  3. Develop infrastructure to create and support online and innovative learning
  4. Leverage technology to support our public engagement mission
  5. Streamline the user experience 

Goals, Initiatives, and Metrics

For each of the five IT strategic plan goals, specific initiatives and metrics were developed to provide details of how each goal would be accomplished and what evidence would be gathered to assess the impact of these actions. Each year the IT community, in partnership with the Colleges and Campus, will assess progress against these five goals and set priorities for the following year.