Enhance the student learning environment


Enhance the student learning environment to improve outcomes

One of the characteristics of a university that is likely to experience a dramatic change over the next several years is the students’ learning environment. The following initiatives will be essential not only to address these trends but to capitalize upon them:

  • Redesign classroom space and technology to accommodate more interactive teaching styles and blended learning
  • Transform access to class resource materials to meet student needs
  • Focus efforts to strengthen digital literacy skills in our students through General Education, research, and engagement experiences
  • Provide assessment tools to support learning and evaluate student outcomes
  • Provide ability to connect personal devices in the classroom
  • Leverage community networking improvements developed through the UC2B project so that local students can fully participate in flipped or blended classes from off-campus apartments and residences
  • Promote the Illinois Experience, one that uses the most innovative teaching technologies and techniques, to prospective students


  • Average time to degree (undergraduate and graduate level)
  • Development of new types of teaching spaces
  • Percentage of students using personal devices for class work
  • Average cost to obtain/access class resource materials
  • Enrollment within courses aimed at building digital fluency